I am coming to Phuket for a holiday, can I get a chef to come and cook meals for my family?

Yes of course we caqn arrange that for you. The chef will even do the shopping if and you just pay for the groceries. We can provide a range of staff to suit your needs, just ask us.

Can I own land here in Thailand if I am not a Thai National?

As a foreigner you cannot legally own land outright in your name. Two ways of overcoming this obstacle is that you either put the land in the name of a Thai spouse or dependent, namely someone you trust. Secondly you can form a Thai company, of which you will be a director, therefore giving you power over the land, sounds complicated but it is the preferred method for foreigners buying land in Thailand.

You can buy a condo direct from a developer or a second hand apartment as a foreigner in your own name (Freehold) as long as the development is 51% owned by Thai. The only restrictions on purchasing an apartment in foreign name, are the percentage of units sold to foreigners cannot exceed forty nine percent (49%) of the total floor area in the condominium development